Inserting a plugin shortcode to show contactform in Simply Awesome Popup Plugin

WordPress is awesome in so many ways. One of the reasons it is so popular is the way Plugins can easily extend the functionality.

Some plugins uses what is know as a “Shortcode” – this is code that when the webpage is rendered on the web server, WordPress know that it must translate the code into calling a function, and then uses the result as content to the visitor.

You can use shortcodes in the Simply Awesome Popup plugin content area, thereby utilizing any special functions that other plugins or your theme has enabled.

In this example, we use the very popuplar “Contact Form 7″ to show a contact form in the popup.
We also adjust the height and width of the popup.
And we insert some styling to a DIV that pushes the content away from the edges of the popup (padding).

1: Get the shortcode from the plugin you wish to be included in the popup.
2: Edit the content area of the Popup, type the text and style it the way you like using the WordPress visual editor.
If you like, switch to the HTML editor and edit the content before pressing “Save options”

In our example, we have included a DIV with some styling, see the examples below.

Get the shortcode from the plugin:


Configure the Simply Awesome Popup plugin:

And this is an example result:

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Using a pre content poster with Simply Awesome Popup

One of the unique features of Simply Awesome Popup plugin, is the option to insert a “pre-content” poster before the actual popup content.
Use this to make a compelling graphical incentivizer that will make your visitor WANT to click and participate in whatever you are using the main content area for.

We have ourselves used a poster to get significantly higher click rates on our popup!
- the main reason is the possibility to catch peoples attention by using catchy frases and image bling bling before showing a boring survey.

Its a great idea to use the popup when starting campaigns and targeting certain landing pages.
- include a poster with text that relates to what you advertized, and then funnel people into the signup or survey you actually want people to use.

If you have used the poster option, feel free to send us your link and we will display your good example here.

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Sample examples 640px * 360px:

Embedding survey has made it easy to create surveys and get feedback from your customers and visitors.

Many people find website-popups annoying, but when they are incentivized to read the content and participate, you can get great feedback or signups to your newsletter.

Follow these simple steps to embed your survey in the Simply Awesome Popup plugin for WordPress on any page you like.

Step 1-11 is on
1: Click “My Surveys”
2: Click the “collector” icon (blue group of 3 persons)
3: Click “+ Add Collector”
4: Select “Website”
5: Enter a title for this collector
6: Click “Next Step”
7: Select “New Embed” (or just “Embed” when its no longer new ;)
8: Enter the dimentions of the popup (enter the same width and height as your popup plugin settings)
9: Optional settings: disable or enable showing survey results when finished.
10: Click “Save”
11: Copy the Embed code from the “Website Code” area

Step 12 and 13 are on the websites wordpress plugin option page
12: Paste the Embedcode into the content area
13: Remember to save!

Graphical guide:

Using Simply Awesome Popup with YouTube

Currently YouTube offers two ways of embedding a video on your own website.

a) Embedding using “the old way” which loads a flash video on your website
b) The modern iFrame HTML5 way

You should select the HTML5 iFrame way, to support maximum compatibility with your visitors browser.

Step by step guide to insert a video.

  1. Visit the page for your video
  2. Click the Share button
  3. Click the Embed button
  4. Remove the “show suggested videos” – you shouldent incite the visitors to wander off
  5. Remove the “Use old embed code” – Dont use the old way of embedding flash videos. (cant be seen on some devices)
  6. Select a screensize that fits your website.
  7. Copy the code in the youtube content area. (everything, from <iframe> to </iframe>)
  8. Paste the copied code into your Simply Awesome Popup content area and SAVE.

This image should illustrate the buttons and selections you need to click on the YouTube website.


If you experience problems with the YouTube overlay being on top of the “close” icon in the right corner of the popup. You can simply add these parameters to your pasted youtube code, modifying it slightly:

Using the HTML5 iframe way, you insert the parameter "&wmode=transparent;"
so the embed code changes from:
and results in:

If you use the old embed way (not recommended) you can insert the parameters
< param name="wmode" value="opaque" />
in the embedcode to achieve the same as above. (remove the space between < and param)

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