Embedding SurveyMonkey.com survey

SurveyMonkey.com has made it easy to create surveys and get feedback from your customers and visitors.

Many people find website-popups annoying, but when they are incentivized to read the content and participate, you can get great feedback or signups to your newsletter.

Follow these simple steps to embed your SurveyMonkey.com survey in the Simply Awesome Popup plugin for WordPress on any page you like.

Step 1-11 is on SurveyMonkey.com
1: Click “My Surveys”
2: Click the “collector” icon (blue group of 3 persons)
3: Click “+ Add Collector”
4: Select “Website”
5: Enter a title for this collector
6: Click “Next Step”
7: Select “New Embed” (or just “Embed” when its no longer new ;)
8: Enter the dimentions of the popup (enter the same width and height as your popup plugin settings)
9: Optional settings: disable or enable showing survey results when finished.
10: Click “Save”
11: Copy the Embed code from the “Website Code” area

Step 12 and 13 are on the websites wordpress plugin option page
12: Paste the Embedcode into the content area
13: Remember to save!

Graphical guide: