Inserting a plugin shortcode to show contactform in Simply Awesome Popup Plugin

WordPress is awesome in so many ways. One of the reasons it is so popular is the way Plugins can easily extend the functionality.

Some plugins uses what is know as a “Shortcode” – this is code that when the webpage is rendered on the web server, WordPress know that it must translate the code into calling a function, and then uses the result as content to the visitor.

You can use shortcodes in the Simply Awesome Popup plugin content area, thereby utilizing any special functions that other plugins or your theme has enabled.

In this example, we use the very popuplar “Contact Form 7″ to show a contact form in the popup.
We also adjust the height and width of the popup.
And we insert some styling to a DIV that pushes the content away from the edges of the popup (padding).

1: Get the shortcode from the plugin you wish to be included in the popup.
2: Edit the content area of the Popup, type the text and style it the way you like using the WordPress visual editor.
If you like, switch to the HTML editor and edit the content before pressing “Save options”

In our example, we have included a DIV with some styling, see the examples below.

Get the shortcode from the plugin:


Configure the Simply Awesome Popup plugin:

And this is an example result:

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