Simply Awesome Popup WordPress Plugin

Add an automatic popup window on any of your Pages, with ANY content YOU like.

DOWNLOAD: Simply Awesome Popup
(moving this to WP repository when I have had some feedback :)

Use the editor you know from WordPress, and insert content via Visual or HTML editor.
You can use WordPress shortcodes, and you can embed code from external sources.

You can use a splash screen that incentivize visitors to click and participate in a survey or signup to your newsletter.

If you use google analytics on your site, you can enable event tracking on popup triggers and closure.

Cookie saves when a visitor has seen (clicks close) the popup.

This plugin plays nice with your loadtime – when you select which page the popup must autotrigger, the plugin will ONLY load its scripts and CSS on that page!

TIP: retrigger!

Did you already see this example popup?
We also included the option to re-popup when clicking an object with the id “s_a_p_click_trigger” :)
When the automatic popup has been closed, the cookie is also saved to prevent spamming a visitor too much popup.
But you can insert anything and assign id=”s_a_p_click_trigger” to the element to enable a retrigger

This text retriggers the popup!