Using a pre content poster with Simply Awesome Popup

One of the unique features of Simply Awesome Popup plugin, is the option to insert a “pre-content” poster before the actual popup content.
Use this to make a compelling graphical incentivizer that will make your visitor WANT to click and participate in whatever you are using the main content area for.

We have ourselves used a poster to get significantly higher click rates on our popup!
- the main reason is the possibility to catch peoples attention by using catchy frases and image bling bling before showing a boring survey.

Its a great idea to use the popup when starting campaigns and targeting certain landing pages.
- include a poster with text that relates to what you advertized, and then funnel people into the signup or survey you actually want people to use.

If you have used the poster option, feel free to send us your link and we will display your good example here.

Dont wait, get the Simply Awesome Popup WordPress plugin now!

Sample examples 640px * 360px: