Using Simply Awesome Popup with YouTube

Currently YouTube offers two ways of embedding a video on your own website.

a) Embedding using “the old way” which loads a flash video on your website
b) The modern iFrame HTML5 way

You should select the HTML5 iFrame way, to support maximum compatibility with your visitors browser.

Step by step guide to insert a video.

  1. Visit the page for your video
  2. Click the Share button
  3. Click the Embed button
  4. Remove the “show suggested videos” – you shouldent incite the visitors to wander off
  5. Remove the “Use old embed code” – Dont use the old way of embedding flash videos. (cant be seen on some devices)
  6. Select a screensize that fits your website.
  7. Copy the code in the youtube content area. (everything, from <iframe> to </iframe>)
  8. Paste the copied code into your Simply Awesome Popup content area and SAVE.

This image should illustrate the buttons and selections you need to click on the YouTube website.


If you experience problems with the YouTube overlay being on top of the “close” icon in the right corner of the popup. You can simply add these parameters to your pasted youtube code, modifying it slightly:

Using the HTML5 iframe way, you insert the parameter "&wmode=transparent;"
so the embed code changes from:
and results in:

If you use the old embed way (not recommended) you can insert the parameters
< param name="wmode" value="opaque" />
in the embedcode to achieve the same as above. (remove the space between < and param)

Get the plugin now, dont waste your time!